Kids Classes

SCNY Muay Thai Youth

Do you have a 5 to 12 year old or a 13 to 16 year old child?

The SCNY Muay Thai Youth program will improve YOUR child’s Confidence, Self Esteem, Fitness Level, Leadership Skills and will teach your child Responsibility, Respect and Humility. Your child will learn our Three Levels of Respect that is the foundation and basis of good character building at Square Circle New York.

Our curriculum does not just focus on discipline and self defense skills. SCNY’s goal is to provide your child with life skill lessons (Character and Confidence – Honesty and Integrity). We teach positive habits that your child will carry into your home, their school and throughout their life.

What are some the benefits of Muay Thai training?

  1. Self Confidence
  2. Discipline, Respect and Focus
  3. Balance, Agility, and Coordination
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Realistic and Practical Self Defense

Why Choose Square Circle New York? What Makes Us Different From All The Others?

Your child is our priority at Square Circle New York. That’s the Square Circle New York difference. The moment you walk in the front door of our New York City location, you will realize there is something different about our school.  We want the very best for the children in our program and we work very hard to make sure they learn what they need to better prepare themselves for life’s challenges.

Unlike other martial art schools, every aspect of our school and our youth program is designed to create the perfect space for your child to learn and grow. ALL KIDS will gain GREAT benefits from our Muay Thai Youth program!

It is time to let our Muay Thai Youth program show your child a new world of possibilities. Our instructors are waiting to work one-on-one with your kids. They are ready to teach your child everything they need to know to learn the basics of Muay Thai in a fun and ego-free environment.

It only takes a few minutes to enroll your child in a class. Let’s get started today, so they can enjoy Muay Thai immediately! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or stop in and say hi. Our phone number is (212) 964-9800.