Muay Thai

Muay Thai (All Levels)

These pad classes are open to all levels (beginners to advanced). They are designed to introduce the basic principles of Muay Thai Boxing along with basic fitness techniques to help members get into shape and reach top physical and mental condition while learning about the art of Muay Thai.

We recommend for this class 8 oz. bag gloves with hand wraps as the equipment you are going to need. Also recommended is loose athletic clothing and a positive attitude.

Muay Thai (Intermediate/Advanced Levels)

These classes are designated as higher level pad classes, drill sparring and sparring. Students must be approved by the instructors.

The student will need a mouthpiece, groin protection, 16oz gloves, head gear and shin guards.

Kids/Teens Muay Thai

This a Muay Thai program for children and teens between 6 – 13+ years of age. The Muay Thai curriculum is organized as per the guidelines of the MTIA (Muay Thai International Association). We use a testing assessment (a ranking system) to quantify progression and retained knowledge. Classes are taught in a safe and structured environment for all children and teens to learn.

The program is designed to ensure that children and teens will build the skills (coordination, fitness, leadership, responsibility, respect and humility) to advance in a step by step method for personal growth and success. We require the SCNY uniform and a healthy dose of willingness to have fun.

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is the art or the science of the eight limbs. “Eight limbs” refers to the eight weapons in the combined use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. Although these weapons appear basic they are the foundation of this proven and effective martial art.

Muay Thai originated in Thailand and it began as a close combat battlefield fighting skill which was considered more deadly than the weapons it replaced.

The story of Nai Khanom Tom is one of importance to the people of Thaliand and to the art of Muay Thai. After the Burmese sacked Ayuthya, Nai Khanom Tom was matched against the best Burmese fighters and claimed victory over every single one with his superior combat skills. It is through the legacy of Nai Khanom Tom that modern Muay Thai flourishes today.

Square Circle New York bridges the gap between traditional and modern Muay Thai teachings. We are aware that as a global fighting sport, Muay Thai has several varieties of technical applications. As a Muay Thai gym we are focused on teaching the traditional aspect and blending it with modern training techniques that can be utilized by everyone whether you are a beginner or a competitor. Some of our training incorporates additional footwork technique, the ability to attack and defend from different angles and the agility and coordination needed for rigorous conditioning.