Youth Martial Arts


Our Martial Arts Youth Program is designed to improve your child’s Confidence, Self Esteem, Fitness Level and Leadership Skills! Most importantly, our program will teach your child Responsibility, Respect and Humility.

The curriculum doesn’t just focus on discipline and self defense skills. Our goal is to provide your child with life skill lessons. We teach positive habits that your child will carry into your home, their school and throughout life.

Your child will learn:

Self Confidence

Leadership Skills

Discipline and Respect

Focus and Concentration

Balance, Agility and Coordination

Improved Fitness

Problem Solving

Program benefits:

Self Confidence: Your child will learn to believe in their ability to meet challenges both mentally and physically and preparing for success no matter what tests they face.

Discipline, Respect and Focus: In every class your child will learn the Three Levels of Respect and the Seven Magic Words of Respect. This is the foundation for every kid’s class that is taught at Square Circle New York.

Balance, Agility, and Coordination: Your child will learn these essentials through Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu which will help their overall health and fitness.

Self Esteem and Problem Solving: Your child will learn to stand up for themselves against bullies, as well as how to avoid and diffuse difficult situations with peers. Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu will help keep them safe in an ever more dangerous world.

Realistic and Practical Self Defense: We will teach your child never to use the techniques they learn in class unless they have to defend themselves. The techniques they learn could save their life if they ever face a situation where their health and safety is threatened.