Wayne Barrett wins his last amatuer Muay Thai fight at Friday Night Fights!

Dec 07, 2012 – Wayne Barrett put on an impressive last performance as an¬†amatuer Muay Thai fighter Friday evening at Friday Night Fights held at the Hall at St. Paul’s in the Lincoln Center neighborhood. Training for several extra weeks, due to an earlier cancellation from a prior promotional event, Wayne kept training to keep his edge on. In addition to training with Square Circle New York, Wayne had several outlets for training – most notably from Coach Kelly Richardson at Royce Gracie Fight Academy in Brooklyn. Props to him for fine tuning Wayne’s hands.

Wayne walked out representing the gym Square Circle New York with¬†Kru Rob Rogan and Kru Beatrice Fiedorowicz working his corner. He faced a tough as nails opponent in Quinton O’Brien hailing from the city of St. Louis. We had a plan and strategy but never underestimated Quinton’s athletic ability.

Working thru all three rounds (3x2s), Wayne put on a clinic with his hands and won a UD. Instead of giving a play by play, check out the stream provided by the promotional outfit Friday Night Fights and see for yourself: http://new.livestream.com/fridaynightfights/seasonfinale

Big things to happen for Wayne in 2013 as a professional in Muay Thai! Congratulations to him as we were very fortunate to have him represent our gym. Onwards and upwards!

Post fight picture with Wayne Barrett, Kru Rob Rogan and Kru Beatrice Fiedorowicz. Square Circle New York gym. Friday Night Fights Dec 7 2012. www.squarecirclenewyork.com

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