Welcome to Square Circle New York!

We specialize in Muay Thai Boxing and Muay Thai for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). We provide adult group instruction for all levels of skill sets in addition to private and semi-private lessons. Square Circle New York has a solid foundation of technical application for the martial arts we teach, in addition to the strength and conditioning programming required to maintain the high level of work in our classes.
Our coaches are knowledgeable and diversified. Each coach strives to ensure the learning retention and fun factor is kept at a sustainable pace. Classes for adults and children are structured in a safe and step by step application so that no one is left behind.
Our philosophy here is to maintain good technique with an eye on the little details to help your growth and development. We want our members to be mentally as well as physically satisfied after their workouts.
We encourage you to take a look around our website! Also please contact us right away to schedule your 30 DAY FREE TRIAL and book your FREE consultation and FREE one on one session at no obligation! Our staff will ensure that you have a pleasant experience and inspiring consultation to meet your health goals. If there are any questions, please contact us for more information!