About SCNY


We are a leading martial arts and fitness service provider offering instructional services and expertise in Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bootcamp, Strength/Conditioning and Youth Martial Arts. Our martial arts training center, Square Circle New York, was formed out of a necessity for us to stand out and have an identity for ourselves. Our reputation is backed by the respect from the students and fighters we teach and coach and from the several gyms that we taught in over the years. Most importantly, we have respect for all the students, fighters, gym owners and fight promoters that interact with us on a day to day basis. We thrive on teaching proper technique while instilling a fun class structure (tough, but fun!).

In addition to providing teaching and coaching, our training center Square Circle New York sponsors students and athletes in special situations. We have assisted in facilitating competitors to events cross-country and internationally so they can compete at the highest standards. If the situation requires, and if we have a vested interest in the student, athlete or promotional event, we may be able to assist with sponsorship at different levels.

We also provide our own line of clothing with all designs made in house to ensure quality for our members and customers. Additionally, we have direct daily contact with factories in Thailand to provide us with the highest quality gear and equipment that we are proud to use in our gym.

To all potential and future clients: we hope to speak with you soon and look forward to hearing from you. To all our current clients, gym owners, students, fighters, and friends across the country and globally: Thank you for your support, friendship and most importantly, thank you for your business!

Kru Rob, Kru Bea and Staff